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Boghossian, Nicolas Pascal; Kohlbacher, Oliver; Lenhof, Hans-Peter

BALL: Biochemical Algorithms Library

Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik Saarbrücken, Germany, (MPI-I-99-1-002), 1999.

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Neumann, Dirk; Haltner, Elleonore; Lehr, Claus-Michael; Kohlbacher, Oliver; Lenhof, Hans-Peter

Investigating the Sugar-Lectin Interaction by Computational Chemistry: Tunneling the Epithelial Barrier

Abstracts of the 18th Interlec Meeting, pp. 549, 1998.


Immel, Alexander; Perini, Federicia; Rinne, Christoph; Meadows, John; Barquera, Rodrigo; Szolek, Andras; SUsat, Julian; Böhme, Lisa; Dose, Janina; Bonczarowska, Joanna; Drummer, Clara; Fuchs, Katharina; Ellinghaus, David; Kässens, Jan-Christian; Furholt, Martin; Kohlbacher, Oliver; Schade-Lindig, Sabine; Franke, Andre; Schreiber, Stefan; Krause, Johannes; Müller, Johannes; Lenz, Tobias L; Nebel, Almut; Krause-Kyora, Ben

Genome-wide study of a Neolithic Wartberg grave community reveals distinct HLA variation and hunter-gatherer ancestry

Communications Biology, Forthcoming.

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Green, Anna; Elhabashy, Hadeer; Brock, Kelly; Maddamsetti, Rohan; Kohlbacher, Oliver; Marks, Debora S

Large-scale discovery of protein interactions at residue resolution using co-evolution calculated from genomic sequences

Nat. Commun., Forthcoming.


Bandeira, Nuno; Deutsch, Eric W; Kohlbacher, Oliver; Martens, Lennart; Vizcaíno, Juan Antonio

Data management of sensitive human proteomics data: current practices, recommendations and perspectives for the future

Mol. Cell. Prot., 0000.

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